We See You Watching Lexington Gets Some National Spotlight

We See You Watching Lexington got into the national spotlight when director Mike Maharrey appeared on Real News with David Knight.

Maharrey talked about the recent lawsuit filed against him relating to open records requests he made to the Lexington Police Department seeking information about mobile surveillance cameras it owns and operates.

One of the highlights of the interview occurred when Maharrey held up a heavily redacted document the department did provide.

As Knight described it, “Nothing but a bunch of black bars.”

Obviously, they’ve got something to hide,” Maharrey said of the LPD. “That’s pretty clear.”

After talking about the lawsuit, the discussion turned to surveillance more generally. Maharrey emphasized that this issue wasn’t just important to people in Lexington.

What we always say at the Tenth Amendment Center is if there is no data, then it can’t get dumped into a system. So, if you can limit data collection at the local and state level, that keeps it from getting dumped into the federal databases and it inhibits the surveillance state. So, it;’s extremely important, not just here in Lexington, Kentucky, but in Frankfort, Kentucky, and Washington D.C. and across the nation.”

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